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Gold Screw M5x20mm, Hex Socket, Flat Head, Hexagon Socket DIN 7991

Gold bolt M5x20mm with a countersunk head is to be driven with a hex driver. Countersunk head is suitable for such applications where you need the bolt not to be protruding.

1,14€ without VAT
1,38€ with VAT

Gold Screw M6x22mm, Hex Head, Full Thread, Hexagon Head, DIN 933

Gilded bolt M6x22mm from gilded steel with full six-sided head has great conductivity and it is often used in the field of electronic devices and high frequency apparatuses.

2,40€ without VAT
2,91€ with VAT

Gold Screw M5x14mm, Phillips Flat Head, DIN 965

Gold bolt M5x14mm with a countersunk head is to be driven with a Phillips screwdriver.

0,80€ without VAT
0,97€ with VAT

Gold Screw M5x12mm, Pan Head, Cross Trough, DIN 7985

Gilded bolt M5x12mm with a domed head has a Phillips drive, and gilded steel, which is it made of, is characterized with perfect conductive and anti-corrosive qualities.

1,22€ without VAT
1,48€ with VAT

Gold screw M5x20mm, Cylindrical Head, Hexagon Socket, DIN 912

Gold bolt with the size m5x20mm and with a cylindrical head with hex (socket, allen) drive is made of gilded steel.

1,60€ without VAT
1,94€ with VAT

M6 Gold Hex Nut, DIN 934

Gold hex nut M6 has a hexagonal shape, which makes a perfect match with hexagonal bolt.

0,85€ without VAT
1,03€ with VAT

M8 Gold Hex Flange Nut, DIN 6923

M8 gold flange nut (hexagonal) is made of gilded steel with 8.8 strength.

1,40€ without VAT
1,69€ with VAT

M12 Gold Acorn Cap Hex Nut, DIN 1587

Gold cap nut M12 has a six-sided shape and the strength 8.8.

6,21€ without VAT
7,51€ with VAT

0,75€ without VAT
0,91€ with VAT

Gold Fasteners

Are you looking for gilded accessories so you could improve the look of your car or your bicycle? Do you want to change the design of your office or household devices? Our gold fasteners could then be of use to you. We offer gilded screws, nuts and washers of different sizes and shapes.